My album “Crónica de un secuestro” Top Ten Drone 2020 international at webzine A closer Listen.

Susana López ~ Crónica de un secuestro(Elevator Bath)
Thankfully, music in 2020 has helped us forget COVID-19, for a few tranquil moments. However, art can also face up to the world’s difficulties. As the first wave of European lockdowns crashed around us, Susana López presented her work as a chronicle to this hijacking of normal life. Its textures are enthralling drones, gradually building layers or shifting their intensities. Light rhythmic devices give the sense of time ticking away, or of lone heartbeats sustaining isolated bodies. It is tempting to hear claustrophobia in these intense soundscapes. However, a vast opening of inner space might come closer to describing the album’s effect. Ironically, since López uses field recordings as one of the foundations of her drones, she also smuggles us back outdoors. (Samuel Rogers)