1.Coagulant – I Did Not See My Ceiling It Was Gone! 12:32

2.The Star Pillow – Molize Forest 07:50

3.Susan Drone – Sinusoidal Dance 08:13

4.Fabio Orsi – Seasonable 05:23

5.Jared Sagar – Ininda 08:00

6.John Hardin – Outer Space 3 08:58

7.Midcentury Modular – Plucky Landscape 06:00

8.Mike Rooke – The Day Before and After 04:00

9.Normandy Falls – Lake of the Clouds 05:49

10.Offthesky + selffish – Haunted Sum 06:22

11.Duncan Chapman – Angelwings 09:44

12.Small Drone Orchestra – Falloff 07:15

13.Snowbeard – Blea 07:57

14.CM von Hausswolff – Notes (Remedios Bell) 15:48

Kim Cascone thinks the latest Tranquility compilation is one of the best in the series and I agree, featuring exclusive tracks from what appears to be mostly local West Coast artists. Guitarist Mike Rooke really should get a solo album out; his “The Day Before and After” is a brilliantly simple idea with electric guitar figures played both in real time and in reverse, slowly dissolving into an airy drone. Midcentury Modular’s “Plucky Landscape” is a lo-fi psychedelic delight with bleeps and muted crackles swirling in a pastoral haze, sounding not unlike something 80’s noise band Zoviet:France might have done. Tonic Immobility: From Here to Tranquility vol. 11 is very much a headphone album, where dissonant but gentle weirdness shares the space with tonal beauty in fairly equal amounts, sometimes simultaneously.