Entrevista para CLOT Magazine por Belén Vera (Septiembre, 2023)

“Su propuesta se basa en la manipulación tanto del sonido como de la luz, transformando nuestra percepción del espacio; al mismo tiempo, crea nuevas realidades con especial intención en la materialización de lo invisible. Sus piezas se desarrollan en una dimensión experimental a través de drones y software de código abierto como SuperCollider, y con el uso de grabaciones de campo, electrónica y capas de armónicos vocales, que crean densas nubes de sonido hipnótico. Música experimental, electrónica, ambient, drone y postminimalismo son sus áreas de especialización.”

A new review of ‘Stupor Mundi’ in Avant Music News, Sweden. (July 2030)

“For López, the drone is “transformed nature and its forms” and a desire to manifest the unseen. Each of her creations has its own very distinctive colorway and López’ eye for detail in the maelstrom is incisive. “Yokai” is unfamiliar and forbidding, the pulmonary pulse of a red giant as it consumes itself from within. The title track churns the air rhythmically (those wind turbines?) high above a flattened terrain. Through “Valhalla II,” distant voices are in thrall to endless descent. Finally, “Drones to Zazeela” – surely a nod to drone godmother Marian Zazeela of Theatre of Eternal Music fame – is a half-hour of pure buzzy brain massage.”

Monográfico Susana López en WET DREAMS MEDIAPrograma 17 (Junio, 2023).

A big review of “Stupor Mundi” by Foxy Digitalis (2023).

“I continuously find myself lost in this expansive slab of the euphoric drone. Universes are distilled into dilated sound waves where single details last an entire lifetime. I love how this album never stops building, with each piece longer than the previous as we dig toward the Earth’s core. Cold atmospheres burst into flames, pushed forward on singed frequencies and high-pitched gloss. Stupor Mundi is focused and often intense, but it never feels claustrophobic or overwhelming. There is space between each sonic layer to drift and take it all in. Abstract percussive rumbles sound like distant thunder while buried, disembodied voices swirl around a central, static point. It’s mesmerizing and oddly beautiful, giving a moment of respite before the monolithic closer, “Drones to Zazeela,” sends us beyond the cosmic veil.”

Review of “Stupor Mundi” at Vital Weekly / 1386 (2023).

Great review of “The Edge of the Circle” in the webzine A Closer Listen (2022).

Review of “The Edge of the Circle” in ambientblog.com

Podcast Stazion Spazial 777 a cosmic radio show.

Podcast Lost, Found and Lost Again by Karen Vogt.

Podcast de Telescopio, disco de la semana Stupor Mundi (2023).

Podcast. Viaje ambiental, con KMRU, Taylor Deupree, Susana López, en el Telescopio.

“The Edge of the Circle” in: aural vibrational occurances aka best new music of 2022

Great review of The Edge of the Circle in the webzine Lost in a sea of sound

“The “Black Circle” has surrounded thoughts. Drifting freely in the grey ethereal has ended with a gravitational pull towards a spherical point. Is there gravity within the conscious or does the mind gravitate to more focused thoughts, both welcomed and feared? The second and longest track on the newest release by Susana López begins to generate this question. Deep droning ambient energy harboring a higher pitched counterpart. A fathomless bottom churns while burning radiance sears with piercing radiation. Paralyzed with the unknown abyss below and a neutralizing white light, the second track in on this composition titled “Black Circle” has caused significant agitation. Unfortunately, there is little relief because this aural nightmare is followed by a “Swarm of Drones”. Massive tones causing both earth and sky to continually quiver as a beautifully light less pitch of emptiness engulfs a captured mind.”

A great review of “Crónica de un secuertro” by Massimo Ricci of touchingextremes

13melek / A selection of recent drone/ambient recordings. 05-03-2021

A big review of “The Edge of the Circle” at Vital Weekly / number 1343

My track “Valhalla” in the subterranean radio show “Blurred and Obscured” on WFMU, Brooklyn NY.

Review of “The Edge of the Circle” at Foxy Digitalis

The Moderns ep. 216. Contemporary music from everywhere. on radioregent.com

Charla con Ángel Sopena en Música de Contrabando (Onda Regional de Murcia).

MURCIAVISUAL se hace eco de la publicación de “The Edge of the Circle”. 24.06.2022

Entrevista en el diario La Opinión de Murcia. 08-01-20201.

My album “Crónica de un secuestro” Top Ten Drone 2020 international at webzine A closer Listen.

A Closer Listen. Review of “Crónica de un secuestro”. 07-10-2020.

“The opportunity of inwards exploratory listening is not a portal to renovation, since its conditions imply both being sequestered regardless of wants and desires and the knowledge that others are already being deprived of their very lives by the linked action of the pandemic and the terrible sacrificial logic of economics. Meditation is here a path towards an endless forest within, but not one of those grand, vitalist and Romantic images of wilderness: “Huldra”, the third track, may refer to a creature from Norse mythology, who’d live in swampy areas and would kidnap men for sex, hidden in plain view until the right conditions were met. The drones here have a noisy, uncertain edge, underlined by a rhythmic pulse that eventually gives way to creaking, grating field recordings, a monster prowling carefully from somewhere within the mossy obscurity of the unconscious. Its voice appears at the end of the track, a simple synth melody that lasts no more than a few seconds, a playful lure announcing the loss of your mind in the damp fog its very own eternal woods.”

Fluido Rosa. Radio 3. Especial concierto en ENSO. Alicante.

Radio Raheem. Concentric Records, Luca Calo & Simone Merli. 07-10-2020.

Brainwashed. Review of my album “Crónica de un secuestro”. 27-09-2020.

Vital Weekly. The 1250 issue of Vital Weekly includes a review of “Crónica de un secuestro”. By Frans de Waard.


From Susana López, an experimental composer, visual artist and performer from Murcia in Spain, I reviewed a cassette before (Vital Weekly 1190), which my introduction to her work. ‘Cronica De Un Secuestro’ translates as ‘Chronicle Of A Kidnapping’, and maybe the kidnapping is to be understood as being locked up. López recorded the six lengthy pieces in March, during the lockdown. As with her previous release, López shows a strong love for drone music and to achieve that, she
uses a lot of processed field recordings, but also synthesizers, voices and “deconstructed drum machines”. The latter plays a dominant role in ‘Luz Negra’, the opening piece of massive, industrialized drones and a slow jackhammer-like rhythm and in ‘Thousand Drones to Nubia’. Otherwise, I think it is not easy to recognize anything in terms of pure field recordings, save for a few voices in ‘Ibn Arabi’. The transformations here are of such a nature that they are massive blocks of dark matter drones. You could as easily believe that this is an album of a bunch of synthesizers and sound effects, evoking some hellish nightmare; or a dark soundtrack to a science fiction flick. This is indeed the sound of a claustrophobe, of four walls closing in on each other. I am pretty sure I would have written the same thing even if I didn’t know that this was the title or the circumstances of the recording. It is perhaps a surprising title for Elevator Bath, with the field recordings playing a very
modest role in this music, but the label is known for doing less obvious releases in the realm of field recordings, so in that sense, this is a most wonderful addition. (FdW)

Toneshift Tuesday #60. by Toneshift

The Moderns ep. 119 By Kevin Press. Contemporary music from around the world. Sundays 9 am – 12 noon (ET) on radioregent.com

FLUIDO ROSA. RADIO 3. Rosa Pérez sobre “Crónica de un secuestro” en Radio 3.

ARS SONORA – A la escucha del virus, IX (‘Viaje alrededor de mi cuarto’) – 20/06/20. Compilación publicada por “Morada Sónica” Almería. 16’20

Especial Susana López (2º parte) por Stahlfabrik (Josep Maria Soler).

Programa especial Susana López (aka Susan Drone) en “Baja Frecuencia” de Radio Pica por Stahlfabrik (Josep Maria Soler).

The Kitchen Sink Show
Including my track “The Big Drone” in his special #8M radio show. 20’20,

Radio Comunidad AMEE
Un programa de radio online en Radio Círculo (Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid), en el que Alberto García Aznar ha creado una sesión de una hora con varias de mis piezas.
“El trabajo sonoro de Susana López encuentra complejo ser reducido y simplificado en una «versión minimalista» del género musical que aparece en su nombre artístico, Susan Drone. Si bien sí parte de una proximidad estética y procesual a estas músicas, parece más sugerente pensarlo junto con aquellos efectos —emocionales, físicos, reflexivos, etc.— que logra producir en la persona que lo escucha o en las colectividades que lo hacen. Sus referencias son, de hecho, la experiencia de la hipnagogia y otras alteraciones de la percepción humana, las cuales guían una labor en la que entreteje grabaciones de campo intervenidas, síntesis granular, voz transformada y otros procesos digitales. El resultado es una música que acompaña más que agrede, que acoge más que avasalla, que puede ser, si se quiere, ritual o hedonista. La sesión contiene piezas de sus álbumes «Vortex» (2011), «Megalitomanía» (2014), «Four Sinusoids to Eliane» (2019) y «Looms» (2019). Está al cuidado de Alberto García Aznar.”

Radio GTS, “Música i geografia”. Concierto de Susan Drone en el LEM 2019, presentado por Víctor Nubla y María Vadell.

UnexplainedSoundsGroup radio transmission,
The Recognition Test # 188, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (a.k.a. Sonologyst).
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/UNEXPLAINED-SOUNDS-GROUP/unexplained-sounds-the-recognition-test-188/ 20’02.

“Autumn Equinox” en el programa CC#3 de Radio Relativa Gracias a Debora Levy – www.radiorelativa.eu. 1:01’12.

“Razor Edge” en el programa especial novedades nacionales de “El Telescopio”. 66’18.

Programa especial a mi concierto en LEM Festival (Barcelona). Organizado por Gràcia Territori Sonor. Música i geografia del 21/11/2019

En “Fluido Rosa” de Radio 3
Fluido rosa – Rubén Martín de Lucas, Sara de Giles, Procedimentum, Caterina Barbieri, Susan Drone y Donna Regina – 28/01/109. 32’19.

WomenCinemakers Biennale 2018 / Official publication
Interview in WomenCinemakers from Berlin.

Partiel – la chronique électroacoustique. Soumis par skunt le jeu 16/05/2019 – 19:30. Autumn Equinoxe (électronique) de Susanna Lopez, 2018, 31’25.
▶ Ré-écouter | Références : Susanna Lopez

DARE to be one us GIRL
Entrevista – 21/11/2018

Susan Drone at Feminatronic, webzine

Yeah I Know It Sucks
Some words about my composition ‘Autumn Equinox’