1- [AB] Drone
2– José María Pastor
3– Iona Pergo [Dollsquimia]
4– Manuel Palma
5– María Hernández (2), Miguel Hernández (3), Macarena Llamas (2), Juan Jesús Yelo
6– Susana López
7– José Perelló
8– Sergio Sánchez
9– Francisco López

Compilación de varios autores.
Editado por Ayuntamiento de Murcia
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[…] This CD, “Murcia Materia Sonora”, is one of the several public activities that shape the launching of a large project around this experimental sound archive. This project started a few months back, in April 2010, with the selection of nine artists from Murcia region to collaborate in a collective sound/music creation with individual manifestations in the form of sound pieces realized from sound environments of this region. Six months later, “Puertas de Castilla” is proud to present the resulting collective work and the individual pieces compiled on this Cd, which will also be part of the experimental sound archive. […]