A compilation by Concentric Records. http://concentricrecords.bandcamp.com

36 tracks attempt to gather the music and art communities together to voice a global position against all atrocities. All proceeds will be donated to The K41 Community Fund.

The project aims to:
Support cultural people in need in Kyiv and Ukraine
Organizing transport within Ukraine and abroad (cars, trains, buses) Organizing shelters
facilitating jobs in the EU
Organizing housing
Psychological help
Financial support
Structuring vitally important information


1. 2 Weeks RelaSonship (Andrew ClarisSdge & Yoann Pisterman) – Rendez Vous At Yours 2. Ascion – Iolanda
3. Augmented Aural – Rumble
4. Bimbim – Phantom Emotion
5. Born In 1986 X Pitch 037 – Angels Never Die
6. Brian Close – Dezk
7. Carlota Marques – Chelito
8. Christian AB – Sleepwalking
9. Christina Vantzou – Dvorjacked
10.Daisuke Tadokoro feat. Daisuke Fuwa – Small And Big Universes
11. Damien Vandesande – Toutes Les Nuits
12. Daniela Huerta – Lamento
13. Deadbeat – Slava
14. dOP, Alina Pash & Mad Dim – Alphabet
15. Echium – Amidst The Breeeze
16. Etapp Kyle – 10K (Live Version)
17. Gigi Masin – MYR BRAT (Brother For Peace)
18. Hotel Neon – Arcadia
19. Jake Muir – Nilas
20. JakoJako – Achse
21. Jakub Kubica – Platonic River
22. Jing Lekker – 新世紀⻤娶親
23. Kiki Kudo – SlowmoSon
24. KMRU – Port B
25. Mana Onori – Quello Che Non So
26. Nuvola – Chmura
27. Quiet Voices (Jean-Yves Leloup feat. Wild Anima) – Disquiet Voices of the Ether
28. Robi – In Cycle (feat. Marius Dick)
29. Sa Pa – Sweet Melody
30. Soundwalk Collective – Rimsky-Korsakov Court (Max Loderbauer Rework)
31. Supply – The Source
32. Susana Lopez – Into The Ether
33. The Orpheists – First Snow on Katonah
34. The Waves – Show Me
35. Tobias. – Abandoned
36. William Selman – TropicDoxa

CONCENTRIC RECORDS is a multi-disciplinary record label exploring new music that transcends identity and definitions and is inspired by a sense of collective movement. Spawned by the work of artists who operate in between set approaches and styles, the label releases high-quality, carefully-designed physical editions of recordings that defy genres, commissioning concept-based releases and artist editions via a series LP’s, 10” and digital formats, highlighted by a special Benton to artwork and photography.

Founded by Luca Calo (Born In 1986) and Simone Merli (Soundwalk Collective) in 2020, Concentric Records is distributed by Morr Music / ANOST.